October 1, 2020

Role and Responsibilities in an Electrician Jobs in Melbourne

The electrician is any professional tradesman designing, installing, maintaining, and repairing the electrical systems and appliances used in residential homes, businesses, and factories. Electricians operate inside and outside buildings to ensure safe and efficient operation of lighting, electrical machinery, and appliances. There are many different categories in electrician’s jobs including residential electricians, who install wiring and fix electrical problems in homes, and electricians inside, who maintain and repair control systems, engines, and electrical equipment in businesses and factories.


In an experienced electrician jobs , they (employees) must bring power from their source to the places where customers and businesses can use it. The basic duties associated with this role may vary depending on the field of specialization, but they may include:

Planning for new building electrical systems, including the best place for electrical outlets, light fixtures, heating outlets, and ventilation systems.

Architect blueprints, circuit diagrams, and other relevant documents are read and interpreted.

Installation of wiring, lighting and control systems according to municipal standards, in new and existing buildings.

Installation of switches, circuit breaker tables, relays, and other devices for electric control and distribution.

Hangers and brackets mounted to support electrical goods.

Perform maintenance procedures to keep the cabling, lighting and control systems running in good order.

Inspecting fault circuit, transformers, and other electrical parts.

To discover why electrical appliances and systems are malfunctioning, using testing tools.

Fix, repair, and upgrade defective or obsolete electrical equipment, fixtures, and plumbing, including the safe removal and replacement faults for insulation.

Training and guiding other electricians to perform different duties.

Work Environment

Electricians may spend their time working on power and telecommunications systems inside buildings under construction or renovation, or outdoors. They can work in wide spaces or cramped conditions. Such working conditions also contain live electrical wires and if the proper precautions are not taken, they can be very dangerous. Electricians frequently work on projects individually but may also be part of a wider construction team.

Besides this, as electricians do not need a degree, their expertise is more important than their level of education. That's why on-the-job training is a big component of the country's apprenticeship programs. Electricians enjoy job opportunities year-round. Their hours vary according to the position. Electricians with repairs usually do routine work. Many have normal operating hours on weekdays and typically don't operate weekends, public holidays, or late at night. Some electricians work on-call and put in additional hours to address urgent issues.

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