May 27, 2021

A-Grade Electrician Jobs in Melbourne – Apply Online at Electrician Xchange

For electricians, applying for the right job to a top employer is a common phenomenon. Employers often look for professional A-grade electricians – who are fully qualified electrical professionals – licensed to work unsupervised and to sign off on all electrical works on behalf of a Registered Electrical Contractor or REC. A-Grade electrician jobs in Melbourne are the right source of hiring a fully qualified electrical professionals, the highest standards of electrical safety and a fully insured service provider. They take responsibility of electrical wiring and different other types of jobs. By employing A-Grade electrician, employers can rest assured – knowing that the electrical system in any property or premises has been working properly and safely installed by a licensed professional.

All A-Grade licensed electricians are issued with an individual license number that identifies your electrician as a registered and qualified service provide. The license number entitles to perform all electrical work without supervision in Victoria.

Know About COES – Issued by A-Grade Electricians

Before hiring professionals, you are advised to know about the COES or A Certificate of Electrical Safety – that must be provided within a 30 calendar days of electrical installation work being carried out. This is ensuring compliance with Electricity Safety Act 1998 and Electricity Safety (Installations) Regulations 2009. If not providing a Certificate of Electrical Safety and not complying with the requirements outlined in these documents can result in fines and disciplinary action against electricians. A-Grade electrician are responsible to provide you with a Certificate of Electrical Safety upon completion of work.

A-Grade Electrician Jobs in Melbourne – Know About Their Job Responsibility

As an A-Grade electrician, you must not carry out or offer to carry out electrical installation work for profit, gain or reward, unless you hold a Current Registered Electrical Contractor or REC License.

They carry out electrical installation work, unless their A-Grade electrician’s license is current. It is their responsibility to know their license expiry date. They can install any electrical equipment that will be unsafe, if connected to an electricity supply. They can carry out any electrical equipment work that will make either the equipment or the building unsafe, if connected to an electricity supply.

Apply for A-Grade Electrician Jobs in Melbourne Australia at the Right Portal

If you are a professional electrician and looking for the right A-Grade electrician jobs in Melbourne Australia, you will have some better opportunities to fulfill your requirement. Go through the details, update your resume and apply online. BETA